Cloth Menstrual Pad Information

Our pads are made of soft flannel on top, layers of absorbent cotton material inside, a hidden moisture proof barrier (PUL) and a trim moisture resistant fleece backing all quilted together. These pads are trim, absorbent, and they really protect.

The pads are turned and topstitched, no serged edges to chafe. Wings wrap around for holding and extra protection. Quilting prevents shifting of the layers, as well as keeping the pads trim and comfortable. The anti pill backing helps pads not slide around in your underwear. The pads snap with professional quality resin snaps. No more sticky tape on sensitive areas! Many women I have spoken to have found cloth pads to be the healthy, refreshing way to go! Cloth menstrual pads are more gentle to your skin, and to our environment. Easy wash and wear care, and no more running to the store for more!

Please wash pads before use. Machine wash cold to prevent stains from setting. I usually just give my pads a good rinse and throw them in the next load of laundry. Tumble dry regular or line dry. You can treat stains with peroxide or a stain stick if desired. Do not use fabric softener, dryer sheets, or bleach! Softeners will cause your pads to stop absorbing by coating them in chemicals, and bleach will quickly deteriorate the cotton fabrics.

Please note: Each of our pads are handmade and my daughters help me with their construction. There may be what some consider minor “flaws” that in no way affect the quality of the pad… things like stitching that is not perfectly straight or other small details. I check each of our pads carefully for quality!

Because of the nature of this product, it is not returnable. If I make a mistake or miss a significant flaw, I will repair or replace it immediately, but I cannot accept returns because you changed your mind. Thank you for understanding. Also, snap colors may vary from the picture. :-)