Hankerchips ~ Reusable Cloth Wipes Set


Set of 19 flannel and cotton velour hankerchips (reusable cloth wipes)

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This is a set of 19 wipes made with flannel on one side and cotton velour on the other. Cotton velour is especially absorbent and good at removing messes. It’s gentle on little faces or tushies and perfect for baby wipes or extra absorbent handkerchiefs. These work great for Mommies as well and are excellent for “that time of month” when you need a little pampering and extra cleaning.

The story behind the name:
When my son Micah was young, we all had colds at once. Even mama and daddy were very sick. The children all had flannel handkerchiefs that I would pinned to their shoulder in the morning, and changed throughout the day as needed for wiping little noses. Since mom was not feeling well, the laundry did not get done and by night my little man was out of handkerchiefs. I set a box of Kleenex beside his bed to get him through the night. In the middle of the night, he called out to me, “Mama I need to blow my nose.” I told him that there was Kleenex right beside his bed. “No mama,” he cried, “that is too ‘cratchy’. I need my hankerchips!”

Treat you or your family to some of our soft flannel and cotton velour hankerchips. They also make great baby wipes or even cloth dinner napkins. Go green and reusable!